Painting Your Home This Summer

Painting your home this summer might not be the first thing on your summer to do list- but it ought to be, especially if it has been forever since your home last had a paint job.

One thing that property owners must keep in mind, while painting their home this summer, is prep work and the urgency that it demands. Prep work includes sanding, priming, scraping, and so forth and all of this must be done in order to increase the life span of the pain. Truth be told, prep work covers about 65% of the work. So, make sure you clean the surface you pan on painting whether it is in the interior or exterior. Prep work must always be done and never overlooked.

In addition, if you are painting anything that is of metal material like a fence, remember that these surfaces are usually a lot hotter than a wall. The hot metal surface will cause for strokes in the finish result- to help this you can dip your brush in a minimum amount of water as this will help the paint adhere smoothly. When you are painting your home this summer, you might want to use some cloths to cover up your floors opposed to plastic as this may cause for some slipping.  Here is another tip, you might want to remove outlet covers for a neater job- even just temporarily.

You really ought to consider painting your home this summer if it has been a while since you last painted the property as a whole- plus, no harm was ever done by adding some new color to the walls. A professional paint job can last up to seven years- when was the last time you painted your residence? Don’t wait too long or your home will suffer the consequences.

For professional painting, you can always rely on the painting contractors from C & I Contracting Call us today for interior or exterior painting.