What to do when installing a wooden door?

C & I Contracting LLC is your leading provider of improvements in the entire area. During this entry we would like to talk about the your carpentry and wooden door installations. Regarding the design, we must take into account certain aspects to prevent accumulation of water that may contribute to wood rot, for example instead choosing ornaments placed vertically it is better to do them horizontal, encourage the natural movement of timber, as in the case of doors made with an internal structure and finished hardwood staves.

But we are here to supervise the entire process! So with respect to the finishing of wood carpentry and wooden door installations outside the most recommended are the cedar, as subsequent maintenance is easier. The cedar may be colorless or included pigments that stain the wood, the darker it is the largest pigment is the effect of degradation.

We can find different types of woods used for your carpentry and wooden door installations. For your exterior doors woods such as fir, pine, chestnut, larch, which are characterized by a type of soft wood, which are easier to work and are more durable, both outside and inside. 

If the wooden door is lacquered from smooth tones, it is preferable not to use a color too dark to suffer more damage when preparing your carpentry and wooden door installations for finishes. In addition the colors presented by these types of wood are accurate for the manufacture of doors, because they have different colors, which will give a specific to where you are installing the door, either outside or inside appearance. 

Another point to consider when carpentry and wooden door installations is due is to know where the wood is coming from. Although we have never noticed it, depending on the type of cut we have wooden doors exterior with greater hardness and resistance. C & I Contracting LLC is here to provide sufficient leading into your carpentry services to upmost results. We guarantee you outstanding finish; so keep coming back for more useful tips.